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At Medical Specialists we use the most scientifically advanced techniques, equipment and protocols available in the world to treat your Erectile Dysfunction.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a treatment that gets to the root cause of ED with the goal of correcting it.

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We know that Erectile Dysfunction can be devastating for individuals and can have a significant impact on relationships.  We are committed to providing a confidential and caring environment to help improve your sexual health.  We know that this is a very important part of your life that contributes to your overall well-being, healthy relationships, and ultimate happiness.

So what is “Acoustic Wave Therapy”?

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a pain free treatment involving low intensity sound waves that penetrate the penile tissue.  These pulse waves cause “micro trauma” to the tissue and activate the rebuilding mechanism in your body repairing damaged blood vessels and even creating new ones, this is called “angiogenesis.” Repaired and new blood vessels result in increased blood flow creating a firmer and larger erection.

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No Pain
No Surgery
No Medications and their uncomfortable side effects

So How Do We Start?

Before we can get to the root cause of the problem, we have to clearly identify it. First, we do a thorough exam and take a sample of your blood to initiate a comprehensive analysis of your body.

We use our in house state-of-the-art lab for accuracy and your convenience. We may employ additional medical testing using advanced techniques to determine the scope of your problem.

Once the problem is identified, the providers can determine if Acoustic Wave therapy is right for you. They can begin a treatment protocol designed specifically to stimulate and enhance your body’s own ability to heal itself.

Acoustic Wave Therapy has been the first choice for ED treatment in Europe for the past 15 years. This advanced treatment is now available in the United States at the Acoustic Wave Clinic in Edina, MN. Take charge of your health and happiness, let us show you how you can live your BEST life at any age!


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