Traditional Treatments and Side Effects

Traditional options like oral PDE5 inhibitors, vacuum pumps, and injections help with vasodilatation and can help an individual achieve an erection. Studies show that they create an erection sufficient for intercourse in about 70% of otherwise healthy men. However, ED medications commonly have side effects including headache, flushing, upset stomach, blood shot eyes, nasal congestion, and sometimes difficulty in climaxing. Some less common side effects include urinary tract infections, vision problems, diarrhea, dizziness and rash. In rare instances they can cause a man to have an erection for more than four hours in which case medical intervention is needed or there can be permanent damage. None of the ED drugs are safe to take with cardiac medications called nitrates or alpha blockers, for urinary symptoms, because they can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. Obviously, they are not ideal treatment options for many reasons.


So although they are helpful, they are unable to correct the underlying physical issues that cause erectile dysfunction. They take work and planning, they are expensive and inconvenient, and have side effects and risks. They are prohibitive for men with underlying health conditions. It has been reported that they may not work after a period of time. They certainly take the spontaneity out of achieving an erection and can leave individuals feeling frustrated and helpless.

The cost of ED medications can add up over time. The price can vary considerably, depending on the pharmacy you use, brand name versus generic, if your insurance covers them, and what your copays are. Nationally it is estimated that the average out-of-pocket cost for PDE5 medications such as Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), and Levitra (Vardenafil) ranges from approximately $20 to $30 dollars per pill. If a private insurance plan covers the pills they often limit the doses to four per month. Many plans do not cover these medications at all. Therefore many patients are required to cover the cost on their own. This can be financially and emotionally devastating.

Cost Comparison

Let’s take an average price of $25 for each ED pill and you want to take 2 per week= $50 per week = $225 per month
If we take $225 per month and multiply that by 12 months that equals $2,700 per year.

Let’s take that average of $25 and say you want to take 4 pills per week. That would come to $5,400 per year.

If we take the example of 4 tablets per week and multiply that by 2 years that comes to $16,200.

As you can see it adds up quickly. Isn’t it maddening to have to have the price of a medication connected to sex!

There is another choice, a better choice!

Acoustic Wave Therapy (extracorporeal shock wave therapy) is a new treatment that improves blood flow to the penis. It truly gets to the root of the problem with the goal of resolving it. There is no pain with this procedure, the treatment is localized so it affects only the penile tissue, and there are no systemic dangerous side effects. It doesn’t require planning, or attaching a contraption to your body. It’s goal is to allow for spontaneous and natural erections again. Can you imagine how good that would feel? Can you even put a price on that? For less than the cost of 3 to 4 ED tablets per week over a one year period you could have a real solution for your erectile dysfunction and regain your sexual health!

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