What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

An Acoustic Wave machine is an FDA approved medical device that produces low intensity waves that have been specifically designed to penetrate soft tissue, including muscles and ligaments. It is not an ultra sound, but an electromagnetic generator that produces specialized acoustic wave pulses.  The acoustic waves cause “micro trauma” to the tissue.  There is NO pain associated with this procedure as the injury to the tissue is at a microscopic level. 

This “micro trauma” activates your body’s own amazing healing response.  It triggers a rebuilding process called “neo-vascularization” and “angiogenesis.”  Restoration occurs in existing blood vessels and new blood vessels are formed, this results in increased blood flow to the penis.  Increased blood flow allows for the ability to achieve and maintain an erection.  Some patients have reported because of the increased blood they have increased penis girth and length and are astounded with the overall results.

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The History of Acoustic Wave Therapy

This technology has been used in the United States in sports medicine and podiatry for years. It has been used in Europe as a first line treatment for ED for the past 15 years. It was introduced in the US for ED about 2 years ago and is now available at Medical Specialists, Acoustic Wave Clinic, in Edina.

How Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Work?

The most advanced treatment for erectile dysfunction is now available in Minnesota at Acoustic Wave Clinic in Edina.
Dan explains how acoustic wave therapy works.

Treatment Protocols and Patient Testimonials

The treatment is easy and there are no medications involved making it safe for almost everyone, including individuals with heart conditions that can’t take ED medications. It is contraindicated for men that have a pace maker or are on blood thinners; our providers can discuss alternative treatment options with you if this affects you. It is not a surgical procedure so there is no recovery time, there are no side effects and you can return to normal activities immediately following the procedure. After a thorough exam, including lab tests, by one of our skilled providers you can begin treatments. The treatments are brief and therapy can be completed in 3 to 6 weeks. Some patients report immediate results, and for some it takes a few treatments. The overall success rate in clinical studies is approximately 73-85%.  Our providers may recommend combining this therapy with other treatments to increase positive outcomes.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is designed to get to the root of the problem and is safe for individuals of any age and health status. The goal of this treatment is to eliminate your dependence on ED medications, vacuum pumps, and injections.  It is a long term solution that may allow you to achieve a natural, spontaneous erection.  We know that SEX isn’t just SEX.  It is an important part of your life, an important part of your identity, and is part of what can build a human bond with those we love. Our goal is to help you live fully and vibrantly again!

What do patients say?

  • I had struggled for years with Erectile Dyfunction... I tried to deny it for a long time, but it started to affect my relationship and my self esteem. I tried to talk to my doctor about it, but because of an underlaying health condition he said I wasn’t a good candidate for ED medications. He said I could check into “other options” and so I started to do some research on the internet.  He didn’t tell me about Acoustic Wave Therapy but I stumbled across the website.  I am so glad I did!  Acoustic Wave Therapy has been amazing!  It has allowed me to achieve and maintain an erection again! My relationship is stronger than ever, and I feel like a complete man again.  Thank you for bringing this technology to Edina MN.  I am so grateful for the help you provided me!  

    Michael age 57

  • I am in my late 40’s and I noticed things weren’t working like they used to. I could still perform but not at the level that I used to.  A friend told me about the Acoustic Wave Clinic in Edina MN.  I decided to check into it as a “preventative measure”.  After careful consideration I decided to have an exam and based on the results decided to start Acoustic Wave Therapy.  Wow, what a difference it made!  This is one less thing I need to worry about!  Simply remarkable results!

     Jeffry age 48

  • I am 62 years old and unfortunately had prostate cancer.  I felt that I didn’t have any choice but to go through the surgery and radiation treatments that were recommended even though I was aware of the risks. I am pleased to say I am cancer free, but I was disappointed that I became impotent as a result. I am a scientists so started doing my own research about the latest treatment for ED and came across studies on “shock wave therapy.” The studies sounded so promising!  I found the Acoustic Wave Clinic in Edina and began treatments. Although it took time and patience, the therapy worked!  I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who suffers from ED as a result of surgery, radiation, injury, any type of disease, or simply age.  It gave me an important part of my life back!  Thank you!

    Nicholas  age 62

  • I can’t THANK YOU enough for the help you provided at the Acoustic Wave Clinic.  My ED was causing severe depression.  I had gone through a divorce and couldn’t even think about trying to date again because of my ED. I had lost all confidence in my ability to get an erection.  This was wearing off on my whole being, and I was no longer the out going, confident man I once was.  I was at a medical vendor fair for work and happened to see the display for Acoustic Wave Therapy. I was a bit skeptical but decided to make an appointment anyway.  I started treatment and after the 2nd session I started to see results.  I have completed the treatment protocol and feel like a new man, both physically and emotionally. I’m back to my old self and have the confidence to get back to living life to the fullest again. 

    James age 41

  • Some people think when “you’re old” you should just “let nature take it’s course.”  Well, I don’t think that way!  Age is just a number and I didn’t want my number to define me.  My wife was seeing the providers at Medical Specialist for Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, and she was feeling better than she had in years because of it.  She brought home a brochure one day that talked about the “sexual health” clinic for men.  She teased me and said maybe I should go check it out. Now I’m kind of proud, and didn’t really want to admit there was any issue, but decided I might as well give it a try.  Well, the providers at Medical Specialists found I indeed did have a few, shall we say, “issues” that needed improvement. After testosterone replacement treatment, combined with Acoustic Wave Therapy I feel like a new man.  My wife and I are having an incredible time in our retirement years and couldn’t be happier!

    Patrick age 73

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